Teaching and learning approaches that intriguing orang asli students’ interests in school


Siti Farhah A Aziz, Nuzha Mohamed Taha

Volume 1, Issue 2
Year 2018

Teaching and Learning, Orang Asli People, Edutainment, Outdoor Learning Activities


The aim of conducting this research is to identify the teaching and learning approaches that could be appealing to the Orang Asli students in school. This research is a qualitative research that showcases the elements in the approaches of both teaching and learning that could give positive impacts towards the passions and/or interests of the students, especially from the motivation aspects, of how they give high participation of learning in class. This research was focusing among the majority of Semai’s Orang Asli elementary school children. It involved 2 layers with 12 interviews among the experienced teachers who had previously dealt with other Orang Asli people around Tapah, Perak and Cameron Highland, Pahang. The research participants were chosen based on their experiences in teaching the Orang Asli students for more than 3 years. Both schools are elementary schools that have the most Semai’s Orang Asli children as students. The findings of this research have shown that the main element that needed to be focus in order to attract the Orang Asli students’ interests in school are based on the hands-on learning, outdoor learning activities as well as the learning which involves edutainment. The findings of this research too have given impact on the development of educational curriculum by strategizing more effective approaches in understanding the teaching and learning approach among the students of Orang Asli people.  


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