Model and tourism development strategy based on local potency in Merangin Regency


Rosmeli Rosmeli, Nurhayani Nurhayani, Sari Novita

Volume 2, Issue 2
Year 2019

Tourism, Strategy, Potency, Models and Strategies


Tourism potency and attractiveness in Merangin Regency are very diverse and spread in several districts which become tourist attractions both domestic and foreign tourists. The tourism sector in Merangin district is managed by local government, making tourism development less than optimal, it is seen with additional facilities such as home stays (hotels / inns), the mainstay products of tourist areas produced by public and access to public vehicles that can go to tourist sites. In the development of tourism, not only the government does the other parties themselves, it also contributes to infrastructure development. In developing tourism potency based on regional potential in Merangin district there are 11 alternative strategies, namely: Focusing road infrastructure to destination area, cooperation with the private sector in developing regional tourism, increasing tourism promotion in collaboration with tourism bureau in the form of Merangin tour packages, tourism promotion which is more intense, provides faster and cheaper licensing and legality for tourism bureau in Merangin Regency, repairs existing facilities and infrastructure, development of other natural tourism objects, fosters tourism-aware community development, guidance and development of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by region-specific, increasing Tourism Human Resources both from the government and from the private sector and the government in cooperation with SMEs increases the promotion of local specialties. The tourism sector development model in Merangin Regency is the cooperation amongst of all existing components ranging from local government, the private sector, and the community in Merangin district itself.


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