The relationship of job satisfaction, flexible work arrangements and employee performance: a case study of employees in several private universities in Klang Valley, Malaysia


Nor Asiah Mahmood, Farah Damia Nasir, Noor Raihan Abd Hamid, Rudzi Munap

Volume 2, Issue 2
Year 2019

Job satisfaction, employee’s performance, flexible working arrangements


Job satisfaction (JS) is very crucial towards employee’s performance (EP). Past studies have answered that employee performance is highly affected by flexible working arrangements (FWAs) and job satisfaction. Flexible working arrangements (FWAs) at the workplace has become everyone’s wishes to work at home without having to go through the hassle on the road such as heavy traffic, toll, parking and petrol. This FWAs also will intensification the employee’s performance to the utmost. Thus, job satisfaction will increase employee morale and loyalty, increases self-belonging towards an organization and longer-term employee performance. Hence, at the same time, FWAs had positively impacted the employee’s level of job satisfaction. The respondents of the study are among the employees of several private universities in Klang Valley. Returned respondents were only 188. Descriptive statistics were utilised to describe the demographic profile of respondents and hierarchical Multi Linear Regression analysis has been used for estimating the relationship among the variables. Therefore, given the employees the FWAs will improve employees performance, that is significant to self-confident and indirectly impacted their quality of work, job satisfaction, and loyal to the organization. Hence, this paper is particularly interested in the investigation on the relationship between job satisfaction, flexible working arrangement and employee performance of several private universities in Klang Valley. The results of the study indicate that job satisfaction has a significant influence towards FWAs with B=.470, t=-13.150 and JS B=.470, t=5.672, and FWAs B=1.077, t=8.807 both have a significant influence on EP respectively.


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