The Asian Journal of Social Science Research is a double-blind, peer-reviewed and open-access journal, which is published twice a year by Centre for Research and Consultancy (CRC) of UNITAR International University. The journal aims at providing a forum for academicians to publish their research output and to promote interdisciplinary studies in social science. The journal welcomes original research articles, review papers, conceptual framework, empirical research and new theories in the fields of education, early childhood studies, business, communications, finance, management, accounting, sociology, hospitality, tourism, human resources, psychology and information technology.

AJSSR and its board of editors assume no responsibility for statements and opinions advanced by the authors of its articles.

CUrrent issue
Volume 2, issue 1 2019
published date: 5 august 2019

The influence of knowledge, skill and motivation towards job performance among young executive officers in Royal Malaysian Navy
Does professional examination difficulty influence Bumiputra accounting students in Malaysian public universities to become professional accountants?
Factors affecting safety management system performance: the mediating role of safety culture
Feedback environment in the workplace: implications for intrinsic motivation
Effective oral presentation among undergraduates
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